Release: Yung Soft – Venus Boy EP

Looking for the perfect summer soundtrack? French Yung Soft got you fixed!

Perhaps it’s because Yung Soft hails from the sunny coast of Marseille, but his latest EP, called “Venus Boy” and released on June 6 (#666?), feels like a sweltering day on the beach, where the time melts away, your feet sink into the warm sand, and fresh fruit juice is slowly dripping down your fingers. You might get slightly sunburnt, but it’s worth it. You’re carefree, just chilling in that open space where water and earth almost merge into one.

That’s exactly the feeling you will get when listening to the distorted, synthy, pop-influenced bops. The seven song carry a similar vibe, yet each of them is different; complimenting each other while each telling a story of their own.

The bratty number called “up for stuff” feels like the ultimate anthem of all of us ~lost millennials~ who just roam around, always eager to meet up and do anything but facing our responsibilities. In “feelin u” the tension gradually builds up, reminding one of a real hot flirting action, perhaps irl, perhaps online.

Venus Boy is just the kind of record you want to listen to in those mellow, tranquil times summertime is abundant with. Listen to the whole EP below, and get your own copy here!



Yung Soft: Soundcloud, Bandcamp
Text: Anna Wim

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