A voyage to the edge of dreams

UK-based Quantum Natives release 'Gentle Nightmare' – a new record by Yikii tracking the steps of a solitary explorer in the desolate lands of fragmented dreams.

Text by Gabriela Holesova

The Chinese musician Yikii ushers us in the nightmarish soundscapes soundtracked by enigmatic melodies, creepy and soothing at the same time. She lets us plunge into the clouds of distorted noises and then starts to sing; her ghostly voice carrying a hypnotic lullaby with a dark twist, lulling us deeper into sweet, sweet nightmares. This is a world of chaos and ominous sounds, a world where the past, present and future merge, where dripping waters wipe away your memories and the fragrant air suffocates you while snowflakes of the nuclear winter gently land onto your hair. You know that this is where you’re bound to spend the rest of eternity, a solitary existence in the land of no one, and you close your eyes with a calmly sorrowful smile, softly floating on the enchanted sonic waves.

The 14 tracks of ‘Gentle Nightmare’ are released today, 26 March through Quantum Natives.



01 – Abysmal Sea
02 – Time Warp Usagi
03 – Snowning Doomdream
04 – Trajectory
05 -5am
06 – Aftermath
07 -Forgotten things
08 -Miasmal
09 – Kill Me
10 -Reality Crimson
11 -Sewage Dirty
12 -Butterflies
13 -Obsidian crushing
14 -The Last Voice


Yikii: Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Twitter
Quantum Natives: Website, Soundcloud
Text: Gabriela Holesova

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