You don’t have to sit like a girl or run like a boy. Photo editorial shot and directed by Alma Rosaz supported with drawings by Diane Rosaz is discussing the gender performativity as defined by Judith Butler.

Text by Livia Tomeckova

At the first glance, warm glossy colours and sublime male figures in the photos intertwine with black and white nude skeletal drawings of female forms. However, this photo editorial is not only about beautiful pictures – it attempts to reflect on the notion of gender and performance. The photos, styled with shiny and colourful details, feature set of cutouts of lips and eyes, with the hope to share an inner world where no one is hiding behind a constructed set of adjectives anymore.

As curator Diana Radkins said a few years ago: “Fashion photography now is a depiction of what people are really feeling (…). This is not just about taking snapshots on the street; this is more about capturing the ambiguity of today’s young people. There is a new visual vocabulary being used. And there is a discrete enigma today – it is about being celebrated rather than being kept covert.” (Diana Radkins, 2017)



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Photography and Art Direction: Alma Rosaz
Drawings: Diane Rosaz
Models: CJ O’Toole from Revolt Model Agency, and Tom Tebbutt from First London
Stylist: Amanda Michelena
Designers: Connor J O’Brien Damoiseau, Sandra Poulson and Jitso Jang
Make up artist: Rebecca Zoe Hampsom
Photography Assistant: Chanel Baker
Text: Livia Tomeckova

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