TOPIC: Strength

How do you find strength in your weakest moments? Step back and take a breather. You know you've always had it in you.

Text by Gabriela Holesova

strength instagramArtwork by Barbora Tögel


With perseverance, you’ve been working your way up from the dark abyss and over the rugged edge. Step by step, stone by stone. And just as you can finally get a glimpse of the sunlight gleaming over the rim, a rock loosens up and you find yourself hanging by the tips of your fingers again. To many of us, the situation may seem all too familiar. It’s hard to find the strength to swing yourself back up again, weary after the strenuous journey you’ve just been through. Take a few deep breaths. Realise how every step of the way took you precisely to this point; the point where you need to be, the point where you pause and rethink your next move. There is strength in the breathing spaces. But I beg you not to look down.

The reality of the daily life is a constant test of our nerve and hardiness. But there is strength in the smallest actions. From the very point of getting up in the morning, you’re in the game again and it can be hard. Be gentle to yourself, focus on the next small step. Make yourself a cup of tea, take a sip and close your eyes as you feel the warmth embracing you from the inside like golden sunrays. Make it the best cup of tea you’ve had. Look forward to the one tomorrow. You can keep going and it will all be good. There’s still strength to be found.

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Artwork: Barbora Tögel
Text: Gabriela Holesova

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