Be vulnerable, be honest, and express what your soul really wants. This month, we’re here to guide you on a soul-healing journey.

soulPhoto by Ondrej Trhon


In the age of social media hurling out constant distraction, it’s easy to lose touch with your own self. This detachment might be nice in the sense of keeping you away from the worries and struggles of the everyday life, but it can hunt you down in the long term. That’s why this April, we encourage you to reconnect with your poor little soul and explore its most distant corners. Hear yourself out. Learn something about yourself. That’s only the start.

Feel free to share what lies at the deepest bottom of your own heart with us. Send your artworks, music, or blunt ideas to us via till April 15 – we’re here to listen!


Photo: Ondrej Trhon
Text: Anna Wim

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