TOPIC: Shape

How will your 2018 be shaping up? Don't hold back on your fantasies because as your Magic 8 Ball surely told you, the upcoming year ending in 8 will “without a doubt” have the shape of a dreamscape if only you let it.

26237765_10211545893785023_1474088176_oArtwork by uvkitsune


As the past year drew to a close, you might have found yourself reflecting back not entirely happy with how things wound up to be. And maybe you’ve begun to realise that your dreamt up new life will require a different version of you. Reclaim your lost superpower and become the shapeshifter you were always meant to be. If you don’t think in terms of limits, there are none: let the outlines of your multifaceted self expand with you. And now that you gained a fresh new vision, what if all your dreams came true? Dare to imagine it. What would it feel like? Embody it. With that in mind, dive into 2018 and keep shapeshifting along the way, every day if necessary.

What are the shapes making up your castles in the air? How are you keeping your reality in desired shape? Shape it all up for us and send it over to The deadline is January 15!


Artwork: uvkitsune
Text: Gabriela Holesova

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