TOPIC: Illusion

The straight line you follow may well have other dimensions. Let’s distort the cartesian coordinates to see what hides behind the corner. Enter the warped void.

Text by Padla Nemeckova

illusion2 smallArtwork by David Dolensky


The greyish slush slowly melts into green leaves. How very cheerful. Do you know that instant moment of happiness, when you open your eyes into crispy and sunny morning, the air smells like freshly ground coffee, and streets are buzzing with chirps and chatter? It’s pretty cool to sense the world. But what if you would just turn off the vaporizers, unplug the headphones and take off your VR glasses, finding yourself in a sensory deprivation tank. Was that morning any less real? Don’t accuse us of falling into Dickian paranoia, but every day of our lives we are surrounded by more or less accepted illusions. Everybody finds themselves, time and again, in the schizophrenic position of viewing themselves through multiple lenses of distortion – the reflection of a mirror, the critical eye of conventions, the scanning cameras of society. What you see is not necessarily what is there, but what if the illusion helps to grasp the truth. Awareness of the mask may help to materialize the core matter. This month we delve into the world of illusions, distorted mirror mazes, and panoptical backstage of the scenery of consciousness.

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Artwork: David Dolensky
Text: Padla Nemeckova

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