TOPIC: Health

Hey sweetie, are you sure you’re taking proper care of yourself? This month, it’s time to step back and heal all the wounds.

kink_health_finArtwork by Lucie Lučanská


No one can deny it – in our society, a person’s worth is defined by their productivity, i.e. their contribution to the never-ending capitalist rat race. This carries many atrocious effects harming our souls and bodies; and one of them is no doubt our sheer reluctance and ignorance of our health-related needs. Instead of taking a day off, we shrug it off and, in fact, work even harder so that no one can tell we might be a “faulty” human being.

And you know what? Fuck that. Stop what you’re doing and assess how you really feel. Does your head hurt? Is your neck blocked? Are your legs cramping? Is your tummy acting weird? Are you dissociating, or feeling depressed or anxious? Everything you feel is valid. Focus on yourself now, before it’s too late.

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Artwork: Lucie Lučanská
Text: Anna Wim

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