TOPIC: Desire

Tap into the deepest corners of your soul and reveal what you truly long for with our February topic.

2018-02-03 15.19.08
Artwork by Anna Wim


Do you remember how easy it was to talk of your wishes and aspirations when you were a kid? You wanted to be a teacher, a doctor, a singer, you wanted this toy or that one. Now that you’re older, your wishes are constrained by your bank account statements, by the small number of days off your job allows you to take, by all those “what you should do” rules. As a grown-up, you are supposed to be responsible, reasonable, and mindful. Well, fuck that.

This month, we encourage you to forget about all those can and can’t dos and really delve into what your heart truly desires. There are no limits, no boundaries. So dream big, kiddo. Will you set your desire free or let your desire set you free? That’s your call, now.

Wanna share your wildest dreams with us? Send us your artworks of any kind to – the deadline is February 15!


Artwork, text: Anna Wim

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