TOPIC: Anger

Don't suppress your anger – this month, we want you to scream and shout and rise up against everything that sucks!

Text by Anna Wim

Let’s get straight to the point – fuck “good vibes only.” Fuck “staying positive.” Fuck being nice and respectable 24/7. The world’s in shambles, it’s full of racism, discrimination, sexism, and a whole lot of societal pressures, and the planet Earth is dying because of our inconsiderate behavior too. It’s a disgrace not to revolt against it. Remember – silence is violence.

This month, we encourage you to express your anger. We dare you to scream. Roar. Kick and punch. Say it loud and proud. It’s about time.

Find a creative outlet to channel all the angry feelz and share them with us. Send your contributions to – the deadline is June 15!


Text: Anna Wim

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