TOPIC: Afterdark

Join us in exploring what the darkness has to offer. “Afterdark” is Kink’s topic for the next three months!

kink_afterdarkArtwork by Paulina Matova


After publishing our first printed magazine (which you can still snatch from our online shop), we took a little break to recover, but now we’re back here in full force, ready to make things even kink-ier than ever before! And we’re bringing a few changes with us, too.

First of all, we’ve decided to extend the length of our topics from one month to three. Why? Well, we wanted to give you, our dear readers, more time to enjoy the themed content, and our contributors more time to pitch their ideas and execute their creative visions (and us less hassle with coming up with new topic names every few weeks). It’s a win for all!

Our first tri-month topic is Afterdark
, in which we aim to explore all that might at first seem to be hidden in the dark. We’ll dive into murky waters, explore hidden paths, and dig up some real good stuff. Of course, you’re welcome to join us on the ride, and it’s up to you to decide if you want to be a mere spectator or an active collaborator!

Speaking of that, here are a couple of tiny changes that apply to our contributors. Since each topic will stretch out over three months, there is much more time for you to reach out to us with your ideas and let us help you execute them. We’re ditching submission deadlines and will be accepting your proposals all throughout the topic duration. What’s more, we’d like to incorporate more written word on Kink, so if you’re into writing reports, reviews, think pieces or poetry, rejoice!

Pitch us your afterdark dreams to – all formats or media allowed! See you in the dark!


Photo: Paulina Matova
Text: Anna Wim

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