Announcement: Gin&Platonic – The Virgo Season

The Czech platform Gin&Platonic is reaching out beyond the realms of music journalism and DJing to become a record label. Their first release, featuring many international and local artists, is out on the first day of July!

After breathing a good amount of fresh air into the Czech scene for several years thanks to their witty writing, peculiar music taste, and thumping DJ sets, the time has come for Gin&Platonic to expand their expertise. Now, they’re trying out the fields of producing and turning into a music label, above all.

To kick off the new era of the (long-lasting, we hope) Gin&Platonic history, they’re releasing a compilation titled “Platonics 01: The Virgo Season,” which comprises an exquisite mix of artists from all over the world. The album is available for download tomorrow, July 1, and is accompanied by a limited edition A2 poster.

“Platonics 01 reflects our long-term alertness to our surroundings, it is an impulse to reassess our priorities. Some things cannot be left for tomorrow. This compilation is held together by the need to publish music and leave it in the space-time continuum, ready to resonate forever.”

You can preorder the record here.


platonics 01: The Virgo Season from Jirka Macků on Vimeo.


Evitceles – Unease
Yikii – escape+
Bintahaha – Vuivre
3849 – Qutic
Putting in Pocket – Sour Water
Snakepiss – Whoaa Somebody’s Comin’
wosX – Brisk
eva01 – Nektar Collar
Lighght – Black Leather Studded Shock Collar
MOD-COMM 81 – Digital
open_secrets_2000 – World Vision
CHSZM – Fatal Prank
Sour Gout – Synned
anhedonik – Post-trauma
Dog and Fox – Song for Jane
Sangam – Hollow


Gin&Platonic: Website, Bandcamp, Facebook
Text: Anna Wim

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