The rite of blessing

Have you already forgotten how a soft caressing of your cheek or a tight hug feel amidst the social distancing rules? This photo series by Javier A. Cerrada is here to remind you of how beautifully intimate friendships can be!

There is a first place that goes
From between the neck, and the shoulders.
It reaches till the end of the spine,
always opposite to the chest and belly.
Is not the weakest places from the body,
But hold the hips and let the head stand in two feet.
A place where the knife can penetrate the heart,

and the eyes can not see it,
and the hands can not stop it.
There is a second place that goes

from the base of the neck to the top of the abdomen.
Between the arms and trapped in a cage,
There is a pumping muscle. A beating heart.
This is the weakest place of the body,
the biggest connection of the organs.
The warmest ecstasy of the senses.

There, it is explained, which the brain can not understand.

I will protect your back,
Because you protect mine.
I will hold your heart in my chest,
Because you have mine in your hands.

“This series was inspired by the intensity of female bonding. As a cis male, I was always fascinated by the friendships among women. Until today, women are regarded as a force hard to understand for men. Throughout history, women have been accused of heresy, persecuted, and murdered for having intimate relationships amongst their own gender. They were denounced as witches and spinsters. Modern culture has slowly granted a more positive approach to the occult, and thus it is now considered an origin of the feminist movement.

With this series I wanted to illustrate and represent a little story about a ritual between friends; Every time the friend has been hurt, the best friend joins her and together they share a special moment, whereby they perform a ritual to mend the broken heart. This is a sort of sisterly enchantment – they vow to take care of each other, provide support, and heal each other’s pain.

The rite of blessing is an intimate moment where love, as the purest of emotions, can spread throughout the world, to elevate a dear friend’s soul that needs this power to heal.”



Photography, text: Javier A. Cerrada

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