Dealing with the (invisible) beast

Released on Quantum Natives, London-based Terribilis’ “Interlude Music” is a delicate soundtrack to the never-ending struggle of living with a mental illness.



Terribilis is a 20-years-old femme Londoner whose ambient and d’n’b influenced sound is fuelled and inspired by her mental health and self-perception. Apart from producing her own music, she is a part of xquisite nihil, a DIY queer-friendly party spicing up the clubbing scene of the British capital, and has been featured on NTS and Radar Radio.

“Interlude Music” unfolds with an ambient, tranquil track, only to be swiftly turned into almost cacophonous sounds of inner tension and turmoil. In just thirty minutes, the record takes you on an intense journey through lands of confusing self-discovery. The artwork accompanying the release was made in collaboration with Wure, a digital media artist from San Francisco, who, just like Terribilis, works with topics of mental health and identity.

“I wrote this project over the most difficult year of my life. The year was spent battling issues of self-identity, self-loathing and body dysmorphia. The release, from start to finish, is an audial journey of emotional breakdowns and the moments of enlightenment in-between. It reflects the uncertainty of a life with mental illness.”




01. needle dreams
02. a paraphilic place
03. deal with the beast
04. neat death
05. Xhardcore_tweakerX
06. room 104


Terribilis: Soundcloud
Quantum Natives: Website, Soundcloud
Text: Anna Wim
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