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Interview: BIPOC Film Society

It is no shocker that the film industry, like most cultural ventures, are heavily white-dominated. How does one carve their way into the world of movie stars, celebrated filmmakers, and fancy awards—and not just as a “diversity hire” or a token—when you don’t have white privilege to rely on? A couple of Berlin creatives founded the BIPOC film society to achieve just that.

Absolut(e) community

Check out New Aliens’ amazing video all about individuality and affinity, specially commissioned for Kink.

Unite and recycle

Join the most trendy gang that knows the future of fashion is in re- and upcycling! Let this promo video for Recycle Vintage Store, shot by students of Prague Film School, inspire you.

Ecotoxic technostress

Technological dystopic thinking turned into performance art. Watch video recapping BCAA system and Olbram Pavlicek’s collab “Nova X-Process” at PAF Olomouc.

Where r u/am i

Video art poetry of Eden Mitsenmacher is like a sneak peek into the journal of your oversaturated mind. Click and disintegrate.

Virtual reality trippin’

As an advent Sunday gift, we’re bringing you a piece of eye candy in the form of a 360 degree video by DVDJ NNS for Bryce Helm’s “Gone”.