Release: Quantum Natives – Silent Night XVII

Sleep tight, Silent Night. This 7+ hours long release compiles drowsy sounds from the Quantum Natives and Genot Centre roster, that will guide you on the way to the dreamland. Unique, handmade sleep mask by designer Hana Kubešová included – take an exclusive peek at them now!

This compilation is a farewell of sorts, a sonic goodbye to the popular event series Silent Night that used to take place at the Ponec Theater in Prague. It was not your regular party; instead of dancing and jumping around, you were able to snuggle up on a mattress and fall in and out sleep while listening to experimental music provided by a plethora of local and international artists, and later munch on a breakfast with everyone involved. “Silent Night XVII” is a recreation of one such night, one of 17th February, 2019, and includes a few live recordings from the event, as well as other tracks following the same theme.

To bring the idea of a sleep-supporting record to perfection, Czech designer Hana Kubešová created a very special line of sleep masks, all handcrafted, which you can see in the dark and mysterious editorial by Tereza Havlínková below. Turn the volume up, get cozy under crispy sheets, sip some camomile tea, put the mask on, and let yourself drift into dreamy worlds, far away from the reality of everyday worries and mundane problems. Drooling and/or snoring allowed. Sleep well!

Get your own Silent Night XVII mask and record package here.



Silent Night XVII Tracklist
Terribilis – move in silence
John Low Hearhat – Silent_Night#17 (q4n4)
emamouse – nemuruaidanokotogahonntounara
swiʌelized souηds – two moons
Æthereal Arthropod – Bioambient mix
Enchanted Lands – deer corner sea
Yikii – Cursed Dream
Yearning Kru – Nubicuculia
bod [包家巷] – Live at Silent Night
recsund – @ Silent Night
Benelux Energy – De Draai (Slapeloos In Eindhoven)


Stream and purchase Silent Night XVII here.
Genot Centre: Bandcamp
Quantum Natives: Website
Cover, fabric print design, video editing & text design: Awe Ix
Sleep masks: Hana Kubešová
Editorial photography: Tereza Havlínková
SD card design: h5io6i54k
Live sound engineered and recorded by Adam Veselý.
All sets & mixes compiled by Awe Ix & cleaned up by Wim Dehaen.

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