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If you think taking selfies is selfish and narcissistic, you might as well stop reading now. Photographer Verotica shares her exclusive #selfietorial in collab with vintage store Dandy Horse Berlin.

Selfies can be a tool of self-discovery, of radical love, of reclaiming ownership over your own body, of just saying a loud and proud fuck you to everyone who’s ever called you ugly or weird or any other stupid slur. Swedish-born photographer Verotica decided to embrace the art of taking a selfie in her latest editorial, turning herself into a true renaissance woman standing both behind and in front of the camera, flexing her body in super cool outfits provided by Dandy Horse Berlin. Make sure to check out the Berlin-based store if you want to score yourself a piece of the freshest vintage clothing, support local fashion labels, get yourself a new bike, or just to have a lovely chat with the shop owners Laura and Maurizio.

Open your camera app, set the timer, strike a pose, review, edit, pick a filter, upload. Repeat daily for best results.










Verotica: Instagram
Dandy Horse: Website, Facebook, Instagram
Photo Assistant: Linda Pochinda
Text: Anna Wim

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