Harnessed and hair-pinned

Like a kaleidoscope of vibrant colours and scattered objects contrasted with nude body and white wax, Sasha Chaika's photos compose a story of everyday sensitivity.

The work of the Russian photographer and filmmaker Sasha Chaika teeters between fashion and conceptual photography. The focus zooms in and out, from an idea to a well-curated detail. However, clothes and body are juxtaposed as equal concepts, rather than “put on” each other in a layered hierarchy. Perhaps it is the author’s background in cinematography that contributes to the evocation of silky narrative behind the still pictures. While carefully staged, Chaika’s work mediates genuine feelings of authentic subjects.

The following editorial is titled My Daily Sensitivity and according to the author himself, it is about the day-to-day events. As Sasha explains, everyday we take in a huge amount of various stimuli – we think, we perceive, we interact, we feel. Even the seemingly mundane has an impact on our being. “All of this affects our subtle and delicate, sensitive worldview that actually makes YOU to be YOU.”









The model is wearing:
1) left: jacket Cute Brand // right: top Cute Brand, stockings Julia Chulkova
6) left: stockings Julia Chulkova // right: top Cute Brand, sweater Cute Brand, leggings stylist own
3) left: dress Cute Brand, shoes stylist own // right: bondage Asya Malbershtein
5) shoes BADDESIGN139

Sasha Chaika: Portfolio
Fashion: Kate Pavlova
MUA: Katrin Ivanova
Text: Padla Nemeckova

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