Flowers, skin, rubber, and sparkles

Follow the path of scattered petals to tender self-exploration. Sara Lorusso’s photography captures the warmth and buzz of organic body.

Sara Lorusso, a Bologna-based photographer, creates a space of gentle exploration of ourselves. Her warm photography with soft noise depicts bodies in fragments, curious to get the whole picture but distracted by the beauty of the detail. Her photography focuses on the feminine/masculine form with all its textures and juices. It feels very natural that she often juxtaposes the human body with organic objects, giving the metaphor the added emphasis. In some of her pictures, sturdy green stalks grow out of young veins, syrupy pulp dissolves under the fingers previously pinched by prickly cactus. It is a very gentle journey of discovery from flowers to folds of skin, from glittery blood back to sweet papaya.

The following selection presents Sara’s understanding of power as an energy closely tied to the natural roots of all kinds of organisms. The golden sun warms up the smooth skin and wakes up the green cells and when the night falls, the sparkler flares up.











Sara Lorusso: Facebook, Instagram
Text: Padla Nemeckova

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