Architecture of (dis)organisation

Designing rooms full of oddities, visual artist Ryohei Oba gives us a peek into his fantasy through a photo series 'Room'.

A London and Tokyo-based artist combining aspects of photography, set design and fashion in his works, Ryohei often draws his inspiration from the interactions between humans and their surrounding objects – natural or man-made. Raising a question of our position in the current digitalised world, the Japanese artist explores the concept of the human body stripped down to being nothing more than a static object or an empty container, having the same functions as technology; how much would it then differ from the man-made products?

Like an architect constructing the peculiar setting of our fantasy, for his series titled ‘Room’, Ryohei creates surreal compositions full of hidden, intricate details. What could at a first glance seem like an ordinary scene from our daily lives, after a thorough scrutiny, we can spot strange inconsistencies in the actions of the models and arrangements of the objects. Has the human body become a mere part of the room?






Ryohei Oba: Website
Text: Gabriela Holesova

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