Neverending war

New RUI HO’s EP “Tales 戰記” takes you to the undiscovered world of digital legacies and traditional Chinese soundscapes. Play it on repeat until the last petals fall off the cherry-trees.

Text by Bajza & Padla Nemeckova

RUI HO, associated mainly with the Berlin Community Radio and being one of the four winners in the final round of the project ‘incubator’, releases their first comprehensive EP. This is their second production under the aegis of Genome 6.66 Mbp label. Yet again, Tales 戰記, introduced with tracks such as Vicissitudes or Gleam, presents a balanced melange of a non-mainstream club scene and traditional Chinese melodies reflected in the background influences of the record, with a strong focus on cyber identity. RUI HO tells a story of a war that has never happened, but has happened so many times in their heads.

The EP cover is, again, a result of collaboration with the talented Tavi Lee.

“It is about a war that have never happened, but has happened so many times in my head. a starting point of the expression of my frustration and the hope of reaching something new. The process of making this EP is definitely a very important self-therapy to me.”




RUI HO: Facebook, Soundcloud
Text: Bajza, Padla Nemeckova

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