Report: LUSTR 2017

LUSTR is a festival that aims to prompt a dialogue between art and spectator, illustrators and audience. Here’s what caught our attention at its fourth edition this September. Let's illustrate and celebrate!

Text and photos by Mahulena Kopecka

LUSTR, called “the celebration of illustration” by the organisers, took place in Prague between 22nd and 28th September, taking over Hybernska 4, a formerly abandoned house now successfully changed into a lively, artsy place by a group of activists. The festival began on Friday the 22nd, kicked off by a party with DJ Kierastoboy. While attending LUSTR festival, the visitors could also visit Hybernska 4’s café and a little art shop, managed by the Prague-based magazine store Page Five.

The remarkable rooms and corridors of the old building were giving the exhibition a truly original atmosphere. Even though the spaces of Hybernska building can appear abandoned, both illustrations and installations revived the empty rooms and, which turned the festival visit into a very unique experience. More than forty Czech and foreign artists and illustrators had taken over the two floors of the maze-like house, using a lot of different media – in addition to illustrations and installations, there were also videos and projections, and windows and walls repurposed to display a plethora of drawings, photos, and labels.

A lot of well-known artists exhibited their pieces at LUSTR – for example, Dana Ledl – Myokard or Tomski&Polanski. Jonathan Vermersch, a French illustrator based in London, presented a project made together with Martina Paukova from Slovakia. Prague-based illustrator Michaela Mihalyi presented very interesting yet minimalist pink pieces full of curved lines, focusing on relationships and sexuality. Artists previously published on Kink, such as Bára Růžičková, Eva Jaro, Lucie Lučanská, or Martin Lacko also showed their works at the festival.

In addition to the exhibitions, LUSTR also hosted several workshops, debates and lectures; such as watercolor painting, Comics Lab with Toy Box or a calligraphy course with Karolina Strykova. On Tuesday, MURIEL Comic Awards Ceremony, an award for high quality Czech work and translated comic works, authors and other thematically linked projects published in the last twelve months, was held in the LUSTR lecture hall of Hybernska.



Michaela MihalyiMichaela Mihalyi

Dana Ledl MyokardDana Ledl – Myokard

Alica KucharovičAlica Kucharovič

Bára Růžičková 3Bára Růžičková

Bára RůžičkováBára Růžičková

Barbora IdesováBarbora Idesová

Ester Nemjó 2Ester Nemjó

Filip Pošivač 2Filip Pošivač



Taja SpasskovaTaja Spasskova

Jindřich JaníčekJindřich Janíček

Lucie LučanskáLucie Lučanská

Marek EhrenbergerMarek Ehrenberger

Martin Lacko 2Martin Lacko

Martina Paukova Jonathan Vermersch 3Martina Paukova and Jonathan Vermersch

Pavla Baštanová 3Pavla Baštanová

Veronika HolikovicVeronika Holikovic

Taja Spasskova 2Taja Spasskova

Tomski_ PolanskiTomski&Polanski

Toy Box 2Toy Box


LUSTR: Website, Facebook
Text + photos: Mahulena Kopecka

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