Report: Feelings Don’t Last Forever

Artists bared their hearts and found strength in their fragility in Soft Within’s first group exhibition which took place in Berlin at the end of May.

Text by Anna Wim

The show, which ran from May 26 to 30 in Berlin Mitte, featured various paintings, installations, and photography, through which all the artists explored the soft, fragile inner parts of their own minds and souls. Ranging from Anna Keller’s oh-so-relatable body-positive paintings or Lorena Larraz’s glittering mixed media pieces, to Soft Within’s very own Dora Tarasidou’s prompt selfie corner, all the artwork shared a distinctive sense of empowering courage and self-acceptance.

“Feelings Don’t Last Forever” opened on a sunny Friday evening, so warm it seemed the air stood still, however, the atmosphere in the gallery was nowhere near that. Being located in the very center of Berlin, it secured a lot of curious passersby checking out the booming opening, yet a huge crowd of people remotely interested in the exhibition showed up too, making the prepared drinks and snacks disappear in no time. Five days later, the show was brought to a close with yet another cozy night, for which the participating artists were invited to give short talks about the artworks they exhibited.

Check out the photos from the opening and closing nights, and make sure to join us this Saturday May 17 at ART Stalker, where Kink and Soft Within are hosting a fun one-day event with creative workshops and interesting talks, kicked off with a nice and cozy brunch. Don’t miss the chance to pimp your panties with embroidery with Genevieve Sachs, paint your own tote bag with Anna Keller, learn how to make those fascinating mixed media works with Lorena Larraz, or just ease your mind by collaging and coloring. The workshops will be followed by a panel discussion about social media and mental health, in which Kink’s current editor-in-chief Anna Wim is participating. Reserve your tickets now, or pay on the door! More info can be found here.




















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Photos: Soft Within, Anna Wim
Text: Anna Wim

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