Report: 3hd festival 2018

Thinking politics, fun and art cannot coexist? 3hd festival has once again proven everyone wrong!

This year’s edition of the festival put together by Creamcake, one of the hottest party organizers in Berlin, offered an immensely diverse program, as always. All encompassed under the quite-cryptic name “System.Lure,” a wide array of concerts and DJ sets, panels, talks, screenings, and an exhibition stretched over the course of five days. For the first time, 3hd presented an evening full of screenings curated by queer director and producer Yony Leyser, which included a work by none other than Ai Weiwei. The music lineup was full of great names too; Casey MQ, Dis Fig, Bob Vylan, Kareem Lofty, Oxhy, Mhysa, Yearning Kru, Nadah El Shazly, or GIL, just to name a few.

3hd was once again a great mix of various genres, media, and styles that were brought together to explore and scrutinize topics as community, social change, criticism of capitalism, or even mental wellbeing. The festival was both philosophical and entertaining, creating a perfect bridge between the two seemingly dissimilar spheres.

Scroll down for our little analog report from the festival, and make sure to follow 3hd and Creamcake not to miss out on the upcoming adventures they’re planning!




Bazoga live (our absolute highlight of the festival)



Look who we ran into! Our fellow Czech creative pals – Recycle Vintage‘s Martina and graphic designer Magdalena Prudikova!


08380020Here’s our special message to 3hd!


3hd festival: Website, Facebook, Instagram
Text: Anna Wim, Polina Korneeva
Photo: Anna Wim

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