Announcement: Queer Gaze from Poland

Art foundation Fresh From Poland gives a much needed platform to Polish queer artists in their upcoming exhibition at Bermondsey Project Space in London.

On paper, homosexuality and being queer is not illegal in Poland. However, rooted in religious beliefs and tradition, a harsh stigma still prevails amongst the Polish society, which also limits artists dealing with LGBTQ+ topics in their work. This everyday suppression and censorship means not being given enough platform for exhibiting, as well as recognition, sometimes even having to hush up one’s own identity out of staying safe.

Fresh From Poland, an art foundation trying to highlight young Polish talents and bring them international recognition, decided to step in and provide queer photographers with a space to display their art without any fear of repercussion.
From 22nd to 26th May
, they will take over the London-based creative platform Bermondsey Project Space and present works from ten artists: Pamela Bożek, Mateusz Cyrankowski, Mateusz Grzelak, Agata Kalinowska, Krystian Lipiec, Kinga Michalska, Oiko Petersen, Jerzy Piątek, Natalia Podgórska, Łukasz Rusznica. There will also be an artist talk with Grzelak, Michalska, and Podgórska, led by Anna McNay of Art Quarterly, on Wednesday the 23rd, starting at 6 PM.

“The selection of works exhibited at Bermondsey Project Space – intimate portraits, fragments of visual diaries, snapshots – could not be displayed in Poland without being a political statement. Our aim is to present them the way there are – as beautiful, captivating works by talented photographers, who were given the space to express themselves in an inclusive environment without prejudices.”

Get a taste of the artworks exhibited at the show below, and don’t forget to pop in if you happen to be in London!


Agata Kalinowska, Untitled,2017Agata Kalinowska, Untitled, 2017

Kinga Michalska, Guy and Jamaal, Montreal, Qc, 2017Kinga Michalska, Guy and Jamaal, Montreal, Qc, 2017

Krystian Lipiec, from the “Between Us” series, 2012Krystian Lipiec, from the “Between Us” series, 2012

Mateusz Cyrankowski, Untitled Series, 2012-2015Mateusz Cyrankowski, Untitled Series, 2012-2015

Natalia Podgórska, Daniela and Santiago in Marylebone, Autumn 2017Natalia Podgórska, Daniela and Santiago in Marylebone, Autumn 2017

016Oiko Petersen Markus at a Großer Alpsee Allgäu, Summer 2015 from “I now accept hope” 2106 series


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Fresh From Poland: Website, Facebook
Text: Anna Wim
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