Pearls of grief

Feelings come and go, and even the darkest times shall pass. “Whispers of the Tears” is an editorial that reflects on the emotional transition, and on what’s left behind.

Text by Anna Wim

The fashion editorial and video is a collective effort of a diverse group of young creatives, all based in the UK. Led under the creative direction of Fei He, the photographer Sylwia Wozniak and videographers Arnow and Cristina Salvi created an almost baroque-looking series that brilliantly captures the volatile sentiment connected to the harder moments of our lives. The models, styled in flowy, pompous fabrics by Dariusz Kowalski, look as sweet and tender as a French macaron or the most delicious cake topped with heaps of cream. Explore the pure fragility and compassion below!

“”Whisper of the Tears” is a project about the unavoidable frustrations and tragedy we encounter in life, using pearls as a metaphor to reflect that fortitude shall eventually make us lustrous and all those torments would be gone, what’s left is the whisper of our tears that pulled us through the darkest time. This project is based on my own experience and cerebration when I was in the ward.”
– Fei He, creative direction



Look 5a

Look 9

Look 8

Look 2 Ruffus b

Look 5b

Look 6cu

Look 11c

Look 10

Look 4

Look 11b

Look1_ Ruffus



Photography: Sylwia Wozniak (Website, Instagram)
Styling: Dariusz Kowalski (Website, Instagram)
Creative director: Fei He
Models: Ruffus Manson-Hayden (3M Models), George Griffiths (Select Models)
MUA: Chihiro Yamada
Hair: Ayumi Sone
Photographer assistant: Karolina Omg
Video Photographer: Arnow & Cristina Salvi
Clothes: Emma Goodburn, Feihefeihefeih, Gianni Versace, Ibby Abbassi, Konplott, Lloyd James Husband, Monic Millinery London, Ottoman Hands
Text: Anna Wim

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