Bold and blooming

Tracing the interplays of the wild youth and their habitats, Paulina Masevnina captures the elusive influences oscillating between the two.

Text by Gabriela Holesova

Though she’s currently set her base in the Czech city of Brno where she photographs the local youth culture, the photographer, illustrator and graphic designer stays true to her Russian blood, often collaborating with creatives from her homeland. Her work is never about mere portrayals of her models; instead she handpicks artists, DJs and friends to place on the other side of her lens, the resulting fusion oozing their characters and underlining their personalities.

Juxtaposed with the grey and unkempt surroundings where her inspiration for photography was brewed, Paulina creates a vibrant universe, her forces joint with DJ and stylist Lera Raevskaja. This editorial focuses on the current fashion sensations of the Russian youth, showcasing pieces by a young Moscow-based brand NAKED IS THE FACT.








Paulina Masevnina: Instagram, Facebook
Model and styling: Lera Rajevskaja
Assistant: Denis Cord
Text: Gabriela Holesova

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