Half seen, half hidden

Paola Ciarska opens the door for us and takes us on a room tour of the homely spaces of our virtual alter egos, anonymous but strangely familiar at the same time.

Portraying nude solitary female figures in their natural habitats filled with modern life’s essentials and paraphernalia, the Polish painter’s work touches upon our voyeuristic tendencies rooted in the ubiquity of social media. In spaces stripped of walls, the women unabashedly indulge in their private moments, full of self-love and proud of their sexuality. Paola’s drawings offer a commentary on the over-sharing nature of our society – her girls clutching selfie sticks or lounging in front of cameras, our eye at the other side of the lens inadvertently observing the scene like Big Brother.

Exuding a feeling of familiarity and intimacy, Paola’s artworks feature women like us, sometimes living out the lives of our aspirational selves, sometimes being a beautiful mess. As her girls lie about in rooms packed with intricate compositions of modern technology and pop-art references juxtaposed with old masters’ paintings – all against a wildly kaleidoscopic backdrop – Paola’s work invites us to embrace every edge of our complex selves, lovingly and unapologetically.


Paola Ciarska Untitled 1

Paola Ciarska Untitled 2

Paola Ciarska  Untitled (Czesc pani Ciarska series) 2

Paola Ciarska  Untitled (Czesc pani Ciarska series) 5

Paola Ciarska  Untitled 3

Paola Ciarska, Untitled, 2017, Gouache on board, 12.5 x 18cm, IMT Gallery 1


Paola Ciarska: Instagram
Text: Gabriela Holesova

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