TOPIC: Spirit

What is a spirit? Let’s explore the mysterious substance together!

At the light’s end

Dark and dramatic, take a peek at Laura Kovanska’s shadowy backstage polaroids.

Pink flowers of objectification

Through pictures of plastic boobs, Annique Delphine is trying to point out how much female bodies are perceived as objects, separated from the person. Read our interview with the artist below.

Deep blue zen

German designer Tabitha Swanson shares her take on our topic “Light”.

Chromatic revelry

The illustrations of the Berlin-based visual designer Nicola Napoli fascinate with their vibrancy, wit and outspokenness. Delve deeper into his work and discover the source of his artistic undercurrents in our interview.

Feelings not found

Join the fearless girl club all dressed in vintage clothes from Recycle with Love.

TOPIC: Light

The darkness is falling upon us – don’t give up, and follow the light.

Report: LUSTR 2017

LUSTR is a festival that aims to prompt a dialogue between art and spectator, illustrators and audience. Here’s what caught our attention at its fourth edition this September. Let’s illustrate and celebrate!