Ecotoxic technostress

Technological dystopic thinking turned into performance art. Watch video recapping BCAA system and Olbram Pavlicek’s collab “Nova X-Process” at PAF Olomouc.

You might have already heard of BCAA system, a Prague-based platform and DJ collective that provides even those too lazy to get out of their room with a real party experience by inviting the hottest alt DJs from all over the world into their studio and stream their performances live, accompanied by visuals made exclusively on spot. While focusing on everything post- and revolutionary, the collective merges sonic and visual art with politics via the Internet realms, and really manages to bring a lot of fresh vision into the Czech murky waters.

Last December, BCAA in collab with artist Olbram Pavlicek took over a bunker in Olomouc and transformed it into a site of performance for the opening of the PAF festival. All night long, the space resembled a post-apocalyptic territory, filled with music handpicked by the BCAA team. Get a glimpse of Nova X-Process in the video below.







BCAA system: Website, Facebook
Text: Anna Wim

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