Report: Noon Festival

Celebrating both Queer History Month and Ramadan, the Berlin-based festival focused on giving platform to queer folks of color and Muslim identity. Read our report now!

Moving away from narratives of queerness that center white and cis experience only, the two-weeks long Noon Festival crafted a unique event series that addressed a plethora of issues and stories marginalized groups share, yet which seldom get included in mainstream discussions of queer experience. Happening at Wedding’s anti-café be’kech, it’s program was packed with panel discussions, film screenings, art performances and talks, drag shows, DJs, and, of course; everyday iftar for those fasting.

Noon Festival provided a space for open discussions about in/exclusion of queer folks in society, personal encounters of blatant queerphobia, racism and Islamophobia, issues of classism or ableism, censorship; experiences shared by many of the speakers, yet different every time. In other words, it addressed topics that are extremely important amidst the alarming rise of right wing politics (not only) in Europe.

At the same time, Noon Festival was also abundant in events that allowed for pure, queer celebration, creating a safe(r) space for the community to enjoy drag shows, belly dancing, poetry reading, and live DJ sets.

At Noon Festival, the importance of passing the mic to marginalized people to share their own lived experiences, of acknowledging the intersections of structural oppression, and of being aware of one’s own privilege, was celebrated. All participants, no matter if speakers/artists or visitors, were thought of as collaborators, shaping what the event series was, and could become. As the festival’s curator Erkan Affan put it, “intersectionality is a process,” and it is indeed one in which we all can, and need to, participate in.

Throughout the festival, donations were collected for Masjid al-Rabia’s Black and Pink Crescent program, which provides support for incarcerated and detained LGBTQIA+ Muslims. If you can, please donate to their cause as well, or use your social media to promote Masjid al-Rabia’s efforts – sharing is caring, remember!

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Noon Festival: Instagram
Text: Anna Wim
Edited by Hello Rooster
Photo: Anna Wyszomierska, Leviticus Hinds

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