In the circle of lust

What does it take to reach the Paradise? The Czech lingerie brand NINE CIRCLES might know the answer.

Based in the Czech Republic, the up-and-coming underwear and accessory brand NINE CIRCLES interlaces art and bold aesthetics with sexuality and confidence, creating pieces that hold the sheer essence of empowerment. A reference to Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy, the name hints to the harrowing nine circles of Hell through which Dante has to journey to get to the Paradise.

Give in to the lure of your deepest desires and enter the second circle: the circle of the lustful. Veiled behind the name ‘Second Circle’, this editorial represents the first collection of the brand. A tale about two women, an exploration of their sexuality, fiercely tearing down any boundaries. Lust knows no limits and perhaps the only way out is to go all in. Close your eyes and indulge yourself entirely, only then you’ll see the way to the Paradise.











NINE CIRCLES: Website, Instagram, Facebook
Photography: Tereza Stouracova
MUA: Martina Köhler
Models: Zuzana Zakova, Julie Nykodymova
Text: Gabriela Holesova