Announcement: New Queer Photography

An amazing book celebrating over 40 contemporary queer photographers, visually exploring the topics of sexuality and gender, is in the works – but your help is needed to make it happen!

The book, set to be released in May 2020, is focusing on looking into how queerness is—or can be—represented outside of the now classical depiction of masc bodies through “gay gaze.” What else is there, who else is there to be portrayed? New Queer Photography explores just that, gathering over forty international artists, including Matt Lambert, Florian Hetz, Melody Melamed, Kostis Fokas, or Birk Thomassen, to name a few.

Scroll down to see excerpts of the book – like what you’re seeing? Its creators, in lead with the editor Benjamin Wollbergs, are now raising funds for the long-awaited release. You can support their Kickstarter and preorder the book to a reduced price here!


Soraya Zaman

Birk Thomassen

Alexandre Haefeli, Florian Hetz

Melody Melamed

Melody Melamed

Spyros Rennt

Soraya Zaman


New Queer Photography: Website
Text: Anna Wim

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