Absolut(e) community

Check out New Aliens’ amazing video all about individuality and affinity, specially commissioned for Kink.

There is strength in community. Resilience. Power. Community is especially important for those from marginalized groups, such as queer folks or people of color. Community can be a safe space, a shelter from the dangers of the ugly, discriminating world. Community is friendship, support, solidarity.

In just under three minutes, New Aliens manage to capture all that. With a small help of Absolut vodka, they staged a party for their charismatic non-models, allowing them to be themselves yet stay connected to each other. Watch the video below!






New Aliens Agency: Website, Facebook, Instagram
Director, camera, cut: Jáchym Kachlík
Styling, concept: Matthew Nguyen
Makeup: Eva Jailers
Sound: Matěj Hájek / Testosterina
Music: Isaac Herron
Assistant director: Jakub Ra
Choreography: Monina
Dancers: Igi Čičmanec, Sára Johanovská, Matěj Pšenička
Thanks to: komparz, Swim, Photo FAMU, Absolut Vodka
Text: Anna Wim

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