Interview: Muxxxe

While the face of the Mexican reggaeton rapper is obscured with a mask, we still got a chance to pick their brains in the midst of their mini European tour.

Muxxxe is a third gender rapper from Tijuana, whose decision to be literally faceless was based on wanting to escape any expectations or norms imposed on one when others see their feminine or masculine facial features. Playing with fashion and costume art, they have created a persona that is truly mesmerizing and original. Their performances are full of suspense, energy, and sassiness.

Ahead of their shows in Prague and Berlin (for CTM festival) last week, Jakub Ra asked them a few questions right before the Fluido Party done in collaboration with Marketa Vutru. The party’s aim is to “create a new meeting point for all queer musicians, artists and straight allies,” which we can all agree is super vital and important. The party is supported by New Aliens Agency and Accu festival.

Scroll down to read the interview and see photos from Muxxxe’s Prague performance, and catch them playing in Madrid on the 31st January!



When was the first time you started to identify as a queer person, and what was the meaning of it for you back then?
When I was very young, I think around 3 or 4 years old, at the moment I didn’t know what “queer” meant, but I knew I wasn’t like other kids my age.

Did you ever think about the term “queer “as something negative?
No, I think of it the other way around. I think that being queer or having a queer lifestyle is what’s going to happen to the new generations – people will not be conforming anymore and will want to be have another type of life experience.



Why did you choose music as the main medium you work with?
I think music allows you to expand yourself creatively into other media; music answers back in a very organic way to performance and fashion for example. It was just the next step I needed to give as an artist to fully communicate through my work.

Face is a great tool to express your emotions. Do you feel restricted in any way when you want to express some emotions with your covered face?
Quite the opposite, I think that by doing that, the audience stops focusing on the way my face looks and they really get into my voice, music and lyrics.



Do you think having queer people be part of mainstream campaigns can help us, queers, somehow?
Of course, it is all about being visible and creating platforms for other people like us. Knowing that is possible to achieve things, to become role models for others.

How do you like being Europe so far?
I love Europe, I think it is very interesting to observe how everything works down here, it is very different from where I am from. You’re privileged in many ways, by having access to a lot of things that in Mexico is basically impossible to have, like drinking water straight from the tap, you know? It is such a silly and ordinary thing but it completely changes your life experience.



Who is your favourite fashion designer?
Margiela, Yohji Yamamoto, Alexander McQueen, Iris Van Herpen.

And your favourite film?
Kill Bill.

Last but not least, why should people come to your performances?
Because you’re going to have a fucking blast!



Muxxxe: Instagram
Interview: Jakub Ra
Edit: Anna Wim
Photography: Lena Luga
Styling: Dominika Kozakova