Mixtape: Nico Adomako

Shake it up & warm up those last cold 2018 days with exclusive mixtape made by Berlin-based DJ Nico Adomako.

Text by Polina Korneeva

DJ, co-founder of the riveting platform Einhundert and photographer Nico Adomako is definitely not gonna let us die from this crazy cold in Berlin – it’s “not gonna get us”, just like tATu sing on his mix. While listening to his music derived from the multiculti background you can hardly stay put. Invited by many clubs in Berlin, New York, L.A., Hong Kong, Shanghai and many other places, Nico’s DJ fame is quickly rising on all the continents. Hip-hop, smooth R&B with House and a bit of UK garage sounds: that’s how his unique style could be described.

Listen to the mixtape below!



Nico Adomako: Instagram, Facebook
Text: Polina Korneeva

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