Mixtape: God Goes Deep

Ambient music meets one of the most beautiful churches in Copenhagen. Listen to an exclusive mixtape by God Goes Deep, perfect for a Saturday morning comedown.

God Goes Deep is not your regular party. Instead of a sweaty rave in a dingy basement, GGD is more of a safe space that will help you ease your mind. Taking place at Vor Frue Kirke in Copenhagen, Denmark, you’re invited to lie down on the floor of the stunning church and enjoy the soft, ambient beats. We interviewed Palmalova, the founder of the event series, who also created an exclusive mix for us, perfect for times when you just need to switch off. Light up some candles, make a cup of hot tea, press play, and just… breathe.



How did you come up with the idea of bringing people to listen to live ambient music in a church?
With many years of experience doing various events in Copenhagen, the concept came to me immediately after my first gig at the church. I saw a huge potential in it. I believe that we need this possibility; an uncomplicated space, open for all, a place where people can come and a have a much-needed break from everyday life, a stress-free zone with a matching sound located in a public space.


Have you ever encountered any negative reaction to the overall concept of God Goes Deep?
Only two times in 6 years. One person wanted the priest to preach, which you can get any other day than Friday night at God Goes Deep, and the other one I don’t really remember, haha…


Your events take place at Vor Frue Kirke, which is a majestic, beautiful cathedral. How did you actually manage to get a permission to organize the events there?
I met the night priest Christian at a photo shoot. We were shooting pictures for an article called ”6 people who make a difference in Copenhagen”. He was there because of his visionary work at the church and I was there because of my mission to make yoga available for all, regardless of the person’s skills or economy. We talked afterwards and I told him that I also DJ. Very soon after, I played a quiet Friday night at the church and from that night on we created God Goes Deep. Until this day I am forever grateful for the open-minded energy and trust I was met with and the flow in our teamwork.




On your Facebook, you state that you are trying to create a therapeutic musical experience. Why do you think that is important?
Our personal space is being challenged everyday, by social media, technology and general pressure from society etc. The number one sickness today is stress. We create a warm atmosphere where everyone is welcome, which enhances the feeling of belonging and has a strong de-stressing effect. God Goes Deep offers a pause and demands absolutely nothing from its guests.
One of my most treasured feedbacks is from a young girl who hadn’t talked to her parents for a whole year and during her visit to our event she wrote her parents a long letter, to her own surprise. This shows what we are all about, a kind reminder that life is beautiful – and very often, I leave with the same feeling after attending God Goes Deep.
Also, our Facebook statistics show us that we are bringing in the exact same people who signed out of church. I find this very interesting!


The lineup changes every time – how do you curate the events?
I carefully choose artists who are complementary to each other and who understand the concept. It’s a very tricky room to play in because of the size. It creates magic when it’s well used and it’s a disaster when someone doesn’t understand it. Luckily, that has only happened four times in those 6 years.




You are a DJ yourself – how much different is it to play at regular venues, like clubs or bars, and at such holy (in the most literal sense) place?
It is so so different than playing in a club, bar or in a restaurant. This job demands your full presence and brings a deep warm humble feeling. It’s in many ways a very educative job and the highest skills I am looking for when I make the bookings are empathy and the ability to read the room. The artist/performer is often left in a meditative space after playing in these iconic surroundings, which is why I never make plans after a night at God Goes Deep.
With GGD, I experience something that I have never tried before at former events. The artists very often tell me that it is one of the best experiences they have had in their entire career.
To be able to create a happening where the audience and the artist are equally uplifted makes me feel so happy and proud!


Three God Goes Deep events are happening this December. What are you planning for the next year?
I have many lovely plans for the next year. I want to make a God Goes Deep compilation with tracks produced by the artists who play at GGD. I also have some very good options for representing GGD at various ambient festivals in Europe, and most importantly, I am looking for sponsorships that will give me the opportunity to present some of my dream bookings; Niels Frahm, Brian Eno and LJ Kruzer. The budget is tight for non-profit projects and I would love to present all the above for free as well.
I always have my eyes and ears open, scouting for talent all over. God Goes Deep is also extremely suitable for live acts, which led me to book Inc. No world after their concert in Copenhagen. Their softness and empathy is perfect for our venue. And they accepted even though it’s a very simple pay. People can see the idea and the beauty of our concept and that itself is magical! I highly recommend doing non-profit work. It brings joy and meaning to life. I call it non-profit bliss.

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Text + interview: Anna Wim

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