Sticking up for each other

In her collection of portraits narrating a silent but expressive account of a life far away from home, Argentinian photographer Mirella de Mar captures her friend Maria in her armour of choice for the battlefield of the everyday.

Now based in Berlin but originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Mirella de Mar is a photographer who uses her 35mm camera to capture portraits of people exuding the raw essence of their being, yet with a somewhat otherworldly tinge. Through her feminist lens, she interlaces eroticism, the diversity of bodies and intimacy – vulnerable and fiery at the same time.

This collection of photographs, called “Thank you Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin” expresses the feeling of living far away from home and the fights you might have to put up on a daily basis to go all out for what you want. According to Mirella, supporting each other is the most important thing in living as an immigrant which is what she aims to translate into her work as well. Submersed in hazy hues of pink and green, Maria Schor is pictured fiery and adamant but also silenced at times and showing a hint of annoyance – putting her heart on her sleeve about how she feels as an immigrant in Europe.




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Photography: Mirella de Mar
Model: Maria Schor
Styling: Lash FetishGear
Art Director: Maria Schor & Mirella de Mar
Text: Gabriela Holesova

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