Taste of Lunchmeat

Czech audiovisual festival Lunchmeat will be brought to a close on Oct. 14 at a former Electricity concern in Prague, Holešovice. We're bringing you a playlist with a selection of our favorite artists from this year's line up!

Copy = Automatic. Multiply ↑ Organically. Copy ≠ Control. Multiply ↝ (Multi)Play. Copy ⇢ Rigid. Multiply ➚ Acceleration. Copy ↺ Duplication. Multiply ↔︎ Inspiration. 
COPY (+/-) MULTIPLY is the theme of this year’s edition of Lunchmeat Festival, which unites light shows, electronic music, and new media.


Lunchmeat is known for its emphasis on strong visual identity – the intriguing, mysterious and somewhat anonymous white head, which is used for the 2016 promo materials, is based on 3D model of Female_head.max, the most frequently downloaded piece of woman’s head ever, and is the result of a collaboration with artists Zuzana Burgrová and Nikola Wilde. You can also look forward to special A/V sets set up just for the night; not only by the Lunchmeat team, but also by visual artists as Lamberte Duchesne (FR), Insert (UK), Pedro Maia (PT), Lasal (ESP), BlurBoyz (HU), Emmanuel Biard (UK), MFO (DE) or brnian H5io and New Magic Media, alongside the Czech half-artists-half-magicians Světlonoš, Urbi et Orbi, and V. Kálecký.


Put your headphones on, amp up the volume, and listen to our playlist, which includes our favorite Berlin producer Ziúr, Swedish Kablam and Berlin-based Amnesia Scanner from the Janus collective, to name a few. You can expect even more ear-delights on the night of Lunchmeat – the British music scene will be represented by patten, Roly Porter, Sculpture, and Samuel Kerridge. The evening will be then closed by Silent Servant (US) & Positive Centre (UK).

Lunchmeat Festival: Website, Facebook
Text: Bajza
Edit: Anna Wim

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