Pastel-coloured, animated darkness

Get your healthy dose of hand-drawn witty satire with exclusive gifs by Czech illustrator Lucie Lučanská.

Cute on the first sight, the gif series hides twisted sceneries portrayed with a good portion of dark humor. Otherwise depressing moments are depicted with such lightness and absurd playfulness one is left to wonder whether they should laugh or cry. With a few lines, Lucie manages to recreate authentic images of stories complicated on both visual and philosophical levels. Already established on the Czech art scene, her illustrated work, which was also shown at this year’s LUST Illustration Festival, is often used for promo materials for local events and happenings.

“Everyone is fated to decay // Dark and sad things for happy optimists.”

“Attack of the Ku Klux Klan”

“Transmuting goat”

“Preparations of a ritual”


Lucie Lučanská: Portfolio
Text: Anna Wim

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