VIDEO RELEASE: Lamb Kebab (prod. XVII) – Like Almond

Upon the release of XVII's solo debut EP NODRUMS, k(y)nk presents an exclusive premiere of a video for "Like Almond" featuring the rapper Lamb Kebab. Get a taste of the almond milk below.

An interplay of joyous raves and sombre melodies, NODRUMS is divergent in its essence, shaping a style of its own. The German producer XVII reflects the soundscape of his mind; outspoken and provocative, yet drifting on the waves of slight gloominess.

The video for “Like Almond”, directed by German artist Katharina Merten for a track made in collaboration with the Cuban-American rapper Lamb Kebab; is explicit in its exploration of sexuality and taboos. Enter the world where you tune into the daily “Bitch News” and brace yourself for the breaking reports.

NODRUMS is released on 7.7. 2017 with a special release party at the Institut fuer Zukunft in Leipzig with XVII, lmaabs and Lamb Kebab. Come dance with us!
More info: LEVEL • レベル Release Party XVII EP w/ Imaabs

Listen to the EP here.



Video credits:
Video: Katharina Merten
Track: Like Almond – Lamb Kebab (prod. XVII)

Text: Gabriela Holesova

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