Body line

Let’s have a little journey from fingertips to toes. Laurène Boglio presents her monochrome animation and colorful fantasy.

Laurène Boglio is a French illustrator and graphic designer currently based in London. You will recognize her playful and comics-esque style right away. Minimalistic form, bold lines and mostly monochromatic color schemes make Laurène’s art a distinctive, unique space station in the universe of illustration.

One of the specialties on Laurène’s menu are animated gifs. Black-and-white loops almost resemble little self-contained sketches. At times leaning towards grotesque with a pinch of black humor, they endlessly replay macabre-to-funny moments of Laurène’s winsome characters.

The following GIF presents a repetitive journey of a soft pencil tracing the human body, every creek and every lump, from a first-person point of view. It’s rhythmic-hypnotic vibe locks you eyes.





Laurène Boglio: Portfolio, Instagram, Tumblr
Text: Padla Nemeckova

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