Release: Laura Luna Castillo – Laminares

Prague-based cassette label Genot Centre is behind yet another brilliant release, this time of Mexican-born artist Laura Luna Castillo. Prepare yourself for a ride along distressed sonic lands in parallel universes.

Laura Luna Castillo is a multimedia artist that truly takes music-making to a whole new level, constructing whole narratives and landscapes through sounds layered over and over each other, evoking memories and hidden emotions. “Laminares”, comprising of eight songs, is full of sceneries of tension and rumble, almost as difficult to grasp as the names of the particular tunes. A strange sense of confusion mixed with hope seeps from the tracks, making it hard to decide whether it is a chill or energetic listen – but whoever said these two things can’t exist simultaneously?




“This feels like music of the interface, like an emission from a dynamic heterogeneous meeting of strata, a tense, scraping, bumpy sliding of materials. A kind of mapping of the fine material structure results with all of its little cavities, Turing textures and other microscopic geology. Yet at the same time, these small movements suggest something massive, a continental drift that is at once a blooming, a mingling of filaments, fibers and neatly oriented liquid crystals.”

So, what you’re waiting for? Snatch one of the limited fifty-five C50 tapes as soon as you can; it’s a real beaut, isn’t it?




laura luna castillo_photo1_by Jonathan Turner-Bishop


Laura Luna Castillo – Laminares. Limited edition of 55 C50 tapes released by Genot Centre. Produced by Laura Luna Castillo. Cover by Sam Balfus. Mastered by Ondřej Ježek. Pro-dubbed by Headless Duplicated Tapes.


Laura Luna Castillo: Website, Facebook
Genot Centre: Bandcamp, Facebook
Artwork: Sam Balfus
Photo of Laura Luna: Jonathan Turner-Bishop
Text: Anna Wim

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