Keep it k(y)nky!

After months of censorship, we have given up against the social media giants and decided to change our name to survive amongst anti “immorality” guidelines.

Instagram became infamous for its hatred of exposed female nipples years ago, but lately, its censorship has toughened up on anything slightly sexual or nudity-related. So much, in fact, we at Kink had to come up with a real war-like strategy to keep our magazine running.



It all started at the very beginning of November, when suddenly all of us from the Kink team got a notification on Instagram saying “Link not allowed” and we were prevented from commenting and liking other posts from our personal accounts. Turns out, our website’s address,, was deemed inappropriate and could no longer be shared on Instagram (and Facebook, but we did not know that at that point). We had to delete the website from our magazine’s bio and rename our Instagram account since it used to be called “,” which was deemed as a website link as well. That way, we were unable to advertise the link to our magazine in any way; having to resort to spelling it like www(.)kink(.)cz and such. Other folks contacted us about getting their posts, Insta filters, accounts, and such deleted over including words like “dope” or “vulva” as well.

About a week later, we discovered Facebook had deleted over SEVEN HUNDRED photos we had posted over the past five years, without a single notification. The next day, we tried to post about our new article, including this photo alongside it. Apparently, the latest censorship guidelines also disprove of people simply covering their breasts with their hands, and our whole Facebook fanpage got deleted over that photo. Years of posts and interaction with our readers, gone in a second.

We tried to contest this decision, oh, we tried hard. We explained that despite being called “Kink,” we are not a NSFW website and are in no way related to the BDSM porn platform, and that we do not post explicit content to our social media accounts. To this day, we have received no reply from either Facebook or Instagram.

It took us a while to shake off the initial sadness and frustration – it is no fun to have your content deleted and be prevented from sharing it with your followers. And then, we decided to take some big steps.



Thus, Kink is becoming k(y)nk.
From now on, we have a new name, new website, and a lot of renewed enthusiasm.
k(y)nk is a twist on our original name, still pronounced the same, but spelled differently. (y) has been Kink’s signature under all posts since day one, which is why we decided to include it in the new name as well. If you write this symbol on Facebook, you get the thumbs up emoji, but it can also represent a juicy booty or crotch, which we’re, of course, very much here for!

With this new name, we pledge to continue creating content that helps highlight European artists that create sexy, political, empowering, and most of all, important works.
You can try to silence us, but our rage is louder. We will not get our voices taken away.
Stay tuned for a k(y)nky future!



Text: Anna Wim
Illustration: Sonya the Moon