Creases, wrinkles, body hair

Kostis Fokas’ photo series shows the most intimate details of bodies juxtaposed against Greek summer landscape.

In this series, Kostis uses the bodies of his model-friends “as a site of desire, fantasy, submission, and oppression.” Limbs and body parts are twisted and mingled, they resemble panorama made of hills and creeks, transcending their corporeal characteristics. In all his work, Kostis manages to prove that nudes are not just nudes, and that they can tell complex stories and emotions.

“Unlike sentimental depictions or explicit narratives where sexuality and desire have been co-opted to fit in the broad swath of social and public life, Fokas’ approach to the body is rather detached. Like a Cartesian mechanical eye, Fokas observes from the position of the spectator, scrutinizing himself and his subjects with a tantalizing pleasure. Bodies and fragmentary body parts set in bizarre and vulnerable positions are juxtaposed with wild landscapes and the striking beauty of the Greek summer.”



Kostis Fokas: Instagram
Text: Anna Wim

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