Exciting news: we're publishing our second printed issue, all about queer love and community. But in order for us to publish our colossal ode to kin, we need your support too.


What will it be?

KINK PRINT: Kinship is a celebration of community.

Kink’s second printed issue will explore radical, innovative approaches to relationships, displays of compassion and love amid the age of austerity, police violence, and right-wing radicalization. Instead of giving in to feelings of hopelessness and grief, we choose to honor those people and projects that find strength among these brutal circumstances, and aim to spark change, step by step, with the help of others. Those who say “fuck you” to discriminatory institutions and societal norms, and carve their own ways for themselves.

KINK PRINT: Kinship will gloss over topics as queer parenthood, compassion to oneself and others, asexuality, queer folks supporting each other, reparations, anti-ableism, sex work, healing powers of BDSM and kink, and much more.

For KINK PRINT: Kinship we will collaborate with a wide array of amazing queer, femme, and POC artists. Our aim is to give platform to those often shunned or not taken seriously by the mainstream society, and bring them together to create a piece of art that’s from us, queer folks, for us.


Where and how can you get it?

KINK PRINT: Kinship will take the form of both printed and digital magazine. Over fifty pages full of exciting editorials, illustrations, think pieces, interviews, mixtapes, as well as interactive pieces, such as coloring images or dress up dolls. Plus a bonus sticker sheet on top of that!

KINK PRINT: Kinship will be released at the end of June, with launch events in both Prague and Berlin. The events will include workshops, DIY stations, art pieces on display, and drinks and music, of course!

KINK PRINT: Kinship will be sold in magazine shops and bookstores all over Europe, as well as through our online store.


How can you support us?

With the help of your financial pledges, we will be able to bring our dreamy mag to life, and it’s not without you getting anything in return too! Check out our fundraiser to see all of the amazing rewards.

Low on cash at the moment? No worries, we know the struggle. If you’d still like to help, please share our Indiegogo campaign, our open call, or simply your favorite Kink articles with your friends (and enemies) to help us spread awareness.


How can you contribute?

We accept all sorts of ideas, forms of media, and all that that explore the topic of “kinship”. Feel free to send your pitches over at!


Lots of love,
Kink team

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