KINSHIP: Dorothy Parker mixtape

Need some love and support? Listen to Dorothy Parker's mixtape for Kinship, which features positive, heart-warming messages from queer babes from all over the world!

Making mixtapes has long been used as a romantic gesture to charm your crushes, but what if the mixtape itself comprises of little spoken love letters alongside the hot beats? That’s exactly what one of our favorite DJs, German Dorothy Parker, went for when making a special set for our Kinship printed issue. Listen to it below, and share the love with your friends, please!

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Dorothy Parker: Soundcloud, Instagram, Facebook page
With voice messages by Andreas, Anna, Arnaud, Christopher, Ethan, Kristof, Layton, Mat, Matteo, Peter, Rebecca, Sophie, Xeno
Photo: Nora Heinisch
Text: Anna Wim

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