A girl’s everyday life

German-based comic artist and illustrator Julia Bernhard works with simple lines and few colors only, but even with these few substances she is able to catch the viewer's attention.

Text by Mahulena Kopecka

German comic artist Julia Bernhard first thought of being an illustrator when her father used to read to her, a 6 year old girl, a book of H. Ch. Andersen’s fairy tales with beautiful pictures. Looking at these illustrations, she knew what she wanted to be. Julia studied graphic design in Mainz and is currently working on her Master’s degree, focusing on illustration and text.

Her illustrations are a visual representation of witty, funny short stories – stories about situations that could happen to any girl. That is what makes them so interesting, powerful and amusing: despite being so personal, anyone can find their own story in them.


Kink 01 Julia Bernhard

Kink 02 Julia Bernhard

Kink 03 Julia Bernhard

Kink 04 Julia Bernhard

Kink 05 Julia Bernhard


Julia Bernhard: Website, Instagram
Text: Mahulena Kopecka

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