#GILFs who likes to knit

“I’m not a regular grandma, I’m a cool grandma!” What do grannies do in their spare time? Wear clothes from Ingrato and look bomb af!

Prefer to stay home and bake instead of going out on a Friday night? Do you always have tissues, a healthy snack and a chapstick on you at all times? Do all your pals come to you for life advice? Congratulations, chances are you’re the granny of your friend group! That’s nothing to be ashamed of, instead, it is something to cherish and embrace!

That’s exactly what we tried to channel in our new editorial highlighting the amazing knitted clothes by Chilean fashion designer Ingrato. You could have already seen Sebastián’s cute pieces in our exercise video series with FemmeFitness, but we love them so much we’ve decided to show them off even more. Join our grandma Nahir in their Sunday afternoon chill – knitwear has never been so hot!

You can get Ingrato’s fluffy and comfy knits all over Berlin; for example, at Studio 183 or Die Kraft, or on their Depop.



Ingrato: Instagram, Depop
Photography: David G. Landskron
Set design, text: Anna Wim
MUA: @livia.jpeg
Model: Nahir Francis

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