Some Temporal Patterns Other Than the Forward March

Dive into the stream of your own consciousness as you close your eyes and listen to the fuzzy sonic piece by Iku. Her longform work ‘Fugue’ debuts on Kink.

Text by Gabriela Holesova

When you open your eyes, the world around you has changed. What at first seems like a magical wonderland full of strange sounds coming from the animate elements of these lands then progressively transitions into something of a more sombre nature. You realise that more than anything else, it resembles the edge of a post-apocalyptic forest where eerie whispers intermingle with distorted screams. You find yourself in a soundscape peculiarly haunting and soothing at the same time. Every pattern in ‘Fugue’ lives its own life and goes through the process of an eternal transformation; recursive and non-linear.

The German producer and singer Iku describes the essence of her piece as a “repetition ~ leading back to its own beginning, initiating its own interruption, its own standstill. Immanent and intrinsic becoming, simultaneously frightening and comforting ~ a cheerful failure”.

The official release date of ‘Fugue: Some Temporal Patterns Other Than the Forward March’ in a cassette format issued by the Prague-based cassette label Genot Centre in a limited run of 55 C26 tapes is on 6 April.

Immerse yourself into the sound of ‘Fugue’ that you can stream below.


fugue_Malte Zander


Iku: Soundcloud
Artwork: Malte Zander
Text: Gabriela Holesova

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